The Great Split

Hello and welcome to Sunne Space. This is a new blog I have created to house my RPG related content, to keep it off my main blog at The content on here will cover the following:

  • Games, modules, and other pieces of content that I’ve written
  • Games that I have played
  • Games that I am interested in playing
  • Stories of cool standout sessions of TTRPG
  • Other random tabletop stuff like when I get roped into playing Burrows & Badgers

In the interests of giving a point-in-time summary of where I’m at, here are some bullets on my current plans:

  • I want to play Maze Rats, and I will be playing Everyone is John very soon.
  • I want to write some modules for White Hack 3E once I have purchased the physical book
  • I want to play and write stuff for Mörk Borg
  • I want to finish my one-page RPG Shanghaied and my full-on no-magic fantasy-noir RPG Grace

At the bottom of each post, there is a link to submit to my public email inbox as part of a discussion. I’d encourage you to send me recommendations of things to read and play.

Do you have a comment to make on this post? Start a discussion in my public inbox by emailing ~ols/ You can see the inbox here.