I'm Writing an RPG

I’ve played D&D for a number of years, starting with 3E. More recently I have been looking at the different Old School-style RPG offerings, including quite a few from independent writers. Following on from this, I decided to write my own which I have decided to call Grace. It was very nearly called Built for Vice, and I’m so glad I went with Grace in the end.

I’m at the stage now where it has been playtested once, and the rules are currently being rewritten slightly based on the outcomes of that playtest. There will be another playtest soon, during which I will be a player rather than the Game Master, which should hopefully give me a different perspective on the game.

This is really just an initial post to say that it’s in the works, and to enable me to get the categories and tags in place on my blog 🤷🏻‍♂️

Front page of the Grace booklet

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